Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belts are designed for high-strength and long-distance conveying, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications across various industries. These belts are constructed using strands of steel cords, arranged longitudinally to form a single layer, and are encased in a durable rubber compound. This construction provides a robust backbone, ensuring superior tensile strength and resistance to mechanical damage.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Applications

Steel cord conveyor belts are engineered for high performance and durability, making them well-suited for a wide range of heavy-duty applications in various industries.

Steel cord conveyor belts are integral to the efficient operation of industries that require the transportation of heavy or abrasive materials over long distances. Their robust design, combined with high tensile strength and durability, makes them a preferred choice for challenging industrial applications.

  1. Mining Industry: In the mining sector, steel cord conveyor belts are employed to transport large volumes of materials such as coal, ore, and other mined products over long distances. Their high tensile strength and durability withstand the harsh conditions and heavy loads typical of mining operations.

  2. Port and Terminal Cargo Handling: For loading and unloading bulk materials like grains, ores, and coal in port and terminal facilities, steel cord belts offer the necessary strength and efficiency. They facilitate the rapid movement of high-volume cargo, enhancing the throughput of port operations.

  3. Cement Industry: In cement production, from raw material extraction to the transportation of finished products, steel cord conveyor belts are used for their ability to handle high temperatures and abrasive materials, ensuring uninterrupted production processes.

  4. Power Plants: These belts are critical in the power generation industry, especially for coal-fired power plants. They are used to transport coal from storage sites to the combustion area, capable of handling high heat and the abrasive nature of coal.

  5. Bulk Material Handling: Steel cord conveyor belts are ideal for the bulk material handling industry, including the transportation of heavy materials like iron ore, limestone, and aggregates. Their robust construction supports the weight and abrasiveness of these materials, ensuring efficient processing and transportation.

  6. Steel Manufacturing: In the steel industry, these belts are used to transport raw materials such as iron ore and coke. Their high resistance to heat and wear makes them suitable for the extreme conditions of steel production processes.

  7. Heavy Manufacturing: For moving heavy raw materials, components, and finished products within manufacturing facilities, steel cord conveyor belts provide the necessary strength and load capacity, enhancing operational efficiency.

  8. Pulp and Paper Industry: Although less abrasive, the pulp and paper industry requires reliable conveyor systems to handle bulk materials like wood chips and pulp. Steel cord belts offer the strength and durability needed for these applications.

  9. Recycling and Waste Management: In recycling plants and waste management facilities, these belts are used for the transportation of heavy and sometimes sharp or abrasive recycled materials, ensuring the efficient sorting and processing of waste products.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt key features and advantages
Key FeatureAdvantage
High Tensile StrengthEnables the belt to handle heavy loads and operate under extreme tension, suitable for large-scale conveying systems.
Long-Distance ConveyingEfficient transport of materials over long distances with minimal elongation and fewer transfer points.
DurabilityResistant to wear and tear, leading to a longer operational lifespan and reduced replacement costs.
Large Load-Carrying CapacityCapable of transporting larger volumes of materials, essential for industries like mining and bulk material handling.
Resistance to Adverse ConditionsPerforms reliably in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and exposure to abrasive materials.
Customization and FlexibilityCan be tailored to specific operational needs, including belt width, cord arrangement, and cover thickness.


Technical Parameters for ST Belts

Belt Tension RatingLongitudinal Tensile Strength
Cable Pitch
Cord Diameter
Min Cord breaking force(kN)Min Cover Gauge(mm)Cord bonding strength≥
Before AgingAfter Aging

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