Flat Conveyor belt

Flat conveyor belts are fundamental components in modern manufacturing and logistics and are crucial for the smooth and efficient functioning of various industrial processes. Their adaptability, efficiency, and reliability make them a staple in material handling.

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Conveyor belt Applications

Rubber conveyor belts are widely used in various industries due to their durability, flexibility, and ability to handle different types of materials. Here are some common applications:

General Purpose & Abrasion Resistant


DIN X/ Y/ Z/ W

Fire Resistant

Total duration of flame and glow for a set of six test pieces is less than 45 s/15s/no appearance or reappearance of flame or glow when a test piece is subjected to the air draught 60 s after it has been removed from the flame

Heat Resistant

T1: 100℃

T2: 125℃

T3: 150℃

T4: 180℃ / T4+:200℃

T5: 300℃

Cold / Oil/ Chemical Resistant


TypeCover GradeTensile  Strength(Mpa)Elongation at break%Abrasionmm3special performanceworking temperature range(℃)
Abrasion ResistanceX25450120-2080
 Heat ResistantT114350200HT100℃ (peak temp. 140)-20100
T214350200HT125℃ (peak temp. 170)-20125
T314350200HT150℃ (peak temp. 200)-20150
T414350200HT180℃ (peak temp. 250)-20180
T4+14350200HT200℃ (peak temp. 300)-20200
T514350200HT300℃ (peak temp. 400)-20300
Fire ResistantK20400150fire resistant test with cover rubber-2080
Cold ResistantC118400150cold resistant -4550
C215350200cold resistant -6050
Oil ResistantMOR14350200middle oil resistant-2080
HOR16350160high oil resistant-2080
Chemical ResistantA114400250soak liquid: HCL-2080
A214400250soak liquid: H2SO4-2080
A314400250soak liquid:NaOH-2080
  Note: The above cover grade is normal standard, we can design and produce different grade according to your requirement.

Flat Conveyor belt classification

Different Carcass / Different Edge
Fabric ( PP/ NN /CC)


  • Long or short-distance
  • Unit price lower than ST belt
  • Flexible for belt joint
Steel Cord


  • High strength and Long-distance
  • Better service life
  • Excellent for both open mining or underground
Mould Edge


  • Can’t see the fabric from the side
  • Protect the inside fabric
Cut Edge


  • Can see the fabric from side
  • Cut different width

Fabric belt TDS

Main Technical Data
Total Tensile Strength (N/mm)Fabric TypeTop Cover Thickness (mm)Bottom Cover Thickness (mm)
Rubber Cover Property(DIN22102)
ltemUnitRubber Grade
Tensile strengthN/mm²18252015
Elongation at Break≥________%400450400350
Adhesion belween Layers (DIN22102)Unit:N/mm
ltemAdhesion between Fabrics (N/mm)Adhesion between Rubber and Fabric(N/mm)
Recommended Min.Drum Diameter (for Reference Only)
Fahrie Type
2 ply3 ply3 ply4ply5ply6ply7ply

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  • Strong Supply Chain and Network

Advantages over traditional conveyor belts

  1. Enclosed Transport: The key feature of a pipe conveyor belt is its ability to enclose the material being transported, effectively protecting it from external elements like wind, rain, and environmental contaminants. This feature is particularly useful in sensitive environments and for transporting materials that can be affected by external conditions.

  2. Reduced Spillage and Dust Generation: Since the material is completely enclosed, the risk of spillage and dust generation is greatly reduced. This makes pipe conveyor belts ideal for handling fine materials that can easily be dispersed into the air.

  3. Flexible Routing: Pipe conveyor belts can negotiate tighter curves and steeper gradients than traditional flat belts. This flexibility allows for more complex and space-efficient routing, especially in challenging terrains or congested industrial areas.

  4. Lower Maintenance: The enclosed design can lead to reduced maintenance costs. The conveyor’s components are protected from the transported material, reducing wear and tear.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: With reduced spillage, dust generation, and impact on the surrounding environment, pipe conveyor belts are considered a more environmentally friendly option.

  6. Versatility in Material Handling: They can handle a variety of materials, including those that are abrasive, hot, or tend to adhere to surfaces. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries.

  7. Improved Safety: Enclosing the material reduces the risk of accidents and injuries related to material spillage, making the workplace safer.

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