Chevron Conveyor belt / Cleated belt

Construction Features and Applications

Conveyor belts with smooth top covers are useful for conveying bulk solid materials up to the angle of inclination 22° as an upper limit. When reliable conveyor belts for steep inclines are needed, possibly as steep as 30° or even 40° , then profiled belts are the right belts when material has to be conveyed without slip. Special features
of Marsbelts profiled belts:
 — Cleats are integrally molded and vulcanized as part of the top cover during the manufacturing process.
 — Full range of belt widths with a variety of pattern designs and cleat heights available, to suit most applications.
 — Ensured belt trough ability conformed to satisfy demanding 3.4 or 5-idler configuration with large trough angle equipped on
steep-angle conveyors. 

Chevron belt Applications

Coalmines, mining, quarries, steel and iron industry, construction industry, power plant.


Conveyor systems must be equipped with belt cleaners that can effectively clean the belt working surface, to avoid residual material accumulating on the pulley surface and causing fast abnormal wear of the belt top cover and pulley lagging.

Chevron belt Classification

Select carcass reinforcement according to conveying distance, take-up travel, belt tension rating.
 — Fabric belt (short length, low belt tension rating)
 — Steel cord belt (underground fire retardant, long-distance high belt tension rating)

Select covers according to material type, temperature, and energy-saving requirement.
 — Fire retardant, wear-resistant, acid/alkali resistant, heat resistant, flame-resistant, oil resistant.

Select profile pattern and cleat height according to belt width, belt strength required by the conveyor system, and material characteristics.

Typical Profile Patterns

These features make pipe conveyor belts a preferred choice in industries such as mining, cement production, power plants, chemical processing, and many others where efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible material handling is required.

Based on the presence of edge:

  1. Bounded Pattern Conveyor Belt: These belts have their patterns enclosed within edge.
  2. Cut Edge Pattern Conveyor Belt: These belts have patterns cut without edge.

Based on pattern shape:

  1. Shape includes Chevron, V-open, V-closed, U-shape, multi-V, or other composite pattern structures.
  2. Pattern height ranges from 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, to 32mm. Belt width ranges from 300mm to 1600mm.

Patterns can be customized according to user requirements.

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Advantages over traditional conveyor belts

  1. Enclosed Transport: The key feature of a pipe conveyor belt is its ability to enclose the material being transported, effectively protecting it from external elements like wind, rain, and environmental contaminants. This feature is particularly useful in sensitive environments and for transporting materials that can be affected by external conditions.

  2. Reduced Spillage and Dust Generation: Since the material is completely enclosed, the risk of spillage and dust generation is greatly reduced. This makes pipe conveyor belts ideal for handling fine materials that can easily be dispersed into the air.

  3. Flexible Routing: Pipe conveyor belts can negotiate tighter curves and steeper gradients than traditional flat belts. This flexibility allows for more complex and space-efficient routing, especially in challenging terrains or congested industrial areas.

  4. Lower Maintenance: The enclosed design can lead to reduced maintenance costs. The conveyor’s components are protected from the transported material, reducing wear and tear.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: With reduced spillage, dust generation, and impact on the surrounding environment, pipe conveyor belts are considered a more environmentally friendly option.

  6. Versatility in Material Handling: They can handle a variety of materials, including those that are abrasive, hot, or tend to adhere to surfaces. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries.

  7. Improved Safety: Enclosing the material reduces the risk of accidents and injuries related to material spillage, making the workplace safer.

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